CDDK Journals

  1. Journal of Frontiers in Economics and Finance (JFEF)
  2. Journal of Frontiers in Business and the Social Sciences (JFBSS)
  3. The Frontiers in Humanities and Business Journal (FHBJ)
  4. Journal of Applied Mechanics and Methods of Economics and Finance (JAMMEF)
  5. Journal of Evolutionary Finance and Economics (JEFE)
  6. The American Charter of Economics and Finance (ACEF)
  7. Mechanics and Method of the Social Sciences Journal (MMSSJ)
  8. Journal of the Mechanics and Methods of Economics and Finance (JMMEF)
  9. The American Review of Business and Law (ARBL)
  10. The American Review of Law Economics and Finance (ARLEF)
  11. The American Review of Law and the Social Sciences (ARLSS)
  12. Frontiers in Law, Humanities and Science (FLHS)
  13. Quarterly Review of Sustainable Development (QRSD)
  14. Quarterly Review of Strategic Management (QRSM)
  15. Quarterly Review of Entrepreneurship (QRE)
  16. Journal of Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management and Sustainable Development (ESMSD)
  17. Journal of Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development (SESD)
To submit an article to Quarterly Review of Entrepreneurship (QRE) visit the submit a paper or send an e-mail directly to qre.submissions@cddk.org
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